Discord Bots

Discord Bots

If you are using Discord for marketing purposes, engagement is one of the most important things that you try to get. Therefore, it is possible to hear about Discord bots a lot because they are the best tools to get engagements. They are AI-powered bots that are used for greeting users, answering some questions, or detecting people who do not follow your community rules. Thus, they are facilitators for your business instead of just chatbots.

Discord bots also can be used for entertainment by adding memes, videos, or audio. They are enjoyable for members of your community. However, you should try to pick the best bot since while good bots can bring a lot of engagements, poor bots can decrease the number of your community members.

how to add bots to a discord server

How to Add Bots to A Discord Server

The process of adding bots to your Discord server can differ among different tools. Nevertheless, there are similar steps for all tools. Thus, we will show you the steps by example. MEE6 is a chatbot tool that you can use for Discord like many others.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Let’s see how you can add bots to your Discord server via MEE6.

  1. Download

    Firstly, you should go to the “mee6.xyz” web page to download.

  2. Add to Discord

    Now, you should click the button named “Add to Discord.” The option will appear when you enter the page.

  3. Log In

    In this step, the application will ask you to log in to your Discord account. If you already signed in, you should give permission for your account to be connected by clicking the “Authorize” option.

  4. Set Up

    Then, your servers will be listed on the page. Choose the one that you want to add a bot and click the “Set up MEE6” option.

  5. Continue

    Now, tap the “Continue” option that appears in a new pop-up window.

  6. Permission

    This step is about giving permission to your Discord bot. You should choose the actions that you have permission for, such as speaking, giving reactions, and mentioning.

  7. Authorize

    If you have chosen the activities for your Discord bot, click the “Authorize” option again, and your Discord bot will be added to your server.

The Best Discord Bots for All Servers

Discord bots can bring you a lot of engagements as well as it can decrease your number of members. Rather than a greeting or welcome message, technical issues while communicating with members of your community can hurt your engagements. It is because users can be lost easily when they cannot get satisfying answers. That’s the reason why you should be careful while choosing Discord bots. Here are the best Discord bots for all servers.


As mentioned above, MEE6 is a powerful and comprehensive bot tool for Discord. For starters, via MEE6, you can adjust welcome messages and assign new roles to new attended members. Besides, your bot can explain the rules of your community at the beginning. Other than that, you can give permission to your Discord bot to ban users that post inappropriately. If they share unwanted content, ads for other companies, or any other inappropriate links, your bot can cut their relationship with the community.

dank memer

Dank Memer

Discord is the place where people mostly want to entertain themselves, and one of the best tools for them is using memes. They include humor and fun. Hence, they are loved by anyone on social media. Since your aim is to get engaged with your community, you can use memes efficiently to get your members relaxed and enjoyed.
Dank Memer is a great tool to do that. You can make your bot share funny images and pictures to entertain your community. Thus, they will find your community as a place that they can have fun. They would want to spend more time.


Musibeth is an excellent tool, especially if you have your own YouTube channel. It allows you to share YouTube content on your Discord server. You can share YouTube content that your members can be interested in. Consequently, they will not only get additional information about your community and sector but also can enjoy via your server.
Besides, it is possible for you to get a lot of questions if you have a big community, and it may be tiring to answer the same questions again and again. With Musibeth, you can set automatic video answers for frequently asked questions, and it can save you from trouble and effort.



As well as other Discord bots, ProBot can share welcome messages for the new members too. However, there is one perfect thing that you can do with your Discord bot. It is that you can decide which actions are unacceptable and which are worth being warned of. Via ProBot, you can determine the inappropriate content and kick these members out of the community immediately. Besides, you can determine the content that should be warned about. If the members do not take your warnings seriously, they can be kicked out of the community permanently via ProBot.

Brief Explanation of the Best Discord Bots

Different Discord bots can perform different tasks. Some can share videos and memes, while some are controlling the community members’ behaviors in terms of being proper. Hence, while growing your business, it is the best way to get engaged with your customers and members of your Discord community. You can choose the best ones that fit your wishes most. Then, you can easily add and set up a bot. It will be a time-saver for you. Need a guide on Discord marketing? Here’s an extensive guide on the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, using Discord bots in your servers is legal. You can use different tools for different aims. However, if tools are get banned, you cannot use them on Discord. You would be basically unable and start to use another Discord bot tool.

Dank Memer has the most votes for being the funniest bot. However, there are also alternatives for it, such as Tatsu, Mewbot, and Bloxlink.

There are no restrictions for using the MEE6 bot. It means that Discord sees them safe. Nonetheless, there are complaints from some users for MEE6 bot spreading viruses. Hence, it would be better to be careful and examining.

MEE6 is the most popular bot on Discord for now. Bot tools such as Dank Memer and ProBot following MEE6 in terms of popularity. The reason why MEE6 is the most popular one is probably that it is the most comprehensive bot.

Discord bots were created to perform particular tasks faster than humans. They are AI-powered and do a lot of things without taking other commands from people. They can share greetings messages for new members, rules of servers and communities, kick members that post inappropriately, and much more.


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