Google Accessibility: Why Is It Important?

Google Accessibility: Why Is It Important?

Google Accessibility is important for many reasons. Everyone should be able to access the internet and experience all that it has to offer. Google has stepped up its efforts to become inclusive for everybody regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or disability. Google Accessibility is all about finding new products and services. It is to make things easier for people that have traditionally struggled to use its technology. Going onwards, technology will hopefully become even more accessible to people than it already is. Creating new products to improve users’ lives. It is also to make the world more accessible is a worthy and challenging goal for the internet giants.

Product Development

At Google, there is now an extra step before launching any new product or service. The extra measure is to test its Accessibility for disabled and other underrepresented end users. By thinking about Accessibility during product development, the overall product is greeted with much more positivity when it reaches release. Making their products as easy to use as possible for every user demonstrates that the culture at Google cares about the people that use their products.

Potential Impact for Medical Conditions

There are many life-changing uses for technology already being explored. From cutlery that removes the effects of severe hand tremors allowing the user to eat food without worry. To using voice recognition to help users with cerebral palsy use technology with greater ease. The way lives can change by simply making the already available technology more accessible is breathtaking. Virtually every known medical condition has a use for technology that can improve the living standards of the end-user immensely. Imagining the difference that it is possible to introduce into people’s lives restores one’s faith in humanity.

web accessibility and seo

Web Accessibility and SEO

The majority of website owners want as many people as possible to be able to view and appreciate their site. Accessibility is a vital part of the process of optimizing your site for search engines. Ensuring that your website is easy to navigate, understand, and interact with no matter what disability or ailment an individual has. It can be whether physical, visual, cognitive, auditory, or anything else. Creating an SEO compliant website helps search engines to index your site efficiently. Therefore it will be as accessible to every user as feasible. Accessibility matters whether writing each page of your site or designing products. It is essential to make everything accessible. 

Reasons Why Greater Accessibility Is Good for Everyone

Having more people be able to access and use technology and websites that many take for granted can only be a good thing. For businesses, having their users access them more easily could lead to higher profits and faster growth for their company. Everybody enjoys inclusion. Even if that inclusion means you are able to use the technology on your own instead of relying on help from others. Some of the technology now accessible for people allows them to live much more independently than before; and is a priceless addition to their lives. 

features of google accessibility

Some Features of Google Accessibility

Here are some of the features that currently help make technology more accessible:

  • Speech recognition technology allows users who might otherwise find it difficult to navigate websites and other technology, including services such as Select to Speak.
  • AI programs that read text make the technology much more accessible for visually impaired users. Programs such as TalkBack allow the user to have the text read to them.
  • Visual customization allows adjusting many settings within the browser so that web pages are as easy to read as possible for each individual’s needs.
  • Different zoom levels are also available for visually impaired users.
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The features here are mainly for browsing the internet. However, much of the advancement in accessible technology has come in incredible life-altering gadgets. The most beautifully designed one so far being a spoon that prevents the contents from being spilled during hand tremors. The help that this technology gives individuals suffering in this way is immeasurable.

Concluding Google Accessibility

Overall, the launch of Google Accessibility was a wonderful event, hopefully leading to far greater Accessibility to all technology for all. The idea that people can create technology for a greater good than social media is an ideal that everyone should truly support. Improving millions of lives by simply making the available technology more accessible to their individual needs is a modern miracle. The internet creator agrees that technology should improve individuals’ lives. Moreover, he wished for it to become a tool of learning available to all. Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, you have learned about the importance of Accessibility in all areas of life, especially technology and the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you want to use or help develop new accessibility tools for your website or product, information, and resources to help build the idea from Google themselves. They claim that they have instilled Accessibility as one of the core values at Google and will help anyone wishing to develop the same values for themselves.

In business, the main goal is for your product to reach the most people possible. By creating inclusive and accessible products, the audience for them is much broader, and therefore the views and sales will also increase. Also, the development of accessible technology is the moral thing to do. Anyone who stops to think of others will feel the need for more accessible technology to improve as many lives as possible.

Yes, there are many accessibility options now built into mobile devices, web browsers, laptops, and basically any device that can be named.

Having more accessible technology helps to improve the quality of life for millions of people. Making small changes to the Accessibility of technology can result in substantial positive changes for individuals who previously could not utilize that technology.

Yes, Gmail supports the use of Accessibility features such as Talkback and screen readers. These features can be used in the default view for Gmail in the most commonly used web browsers both on mobile and PC.

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