How to Add JavaScript to HTML? (Simple Guide)

How to Add JavaScript to HTML? (Simple Guide)

Many people who want to use JavaScript in HTML are looking for ways to add JavaScript to HTML. To define JavaScript in the simplest terms, it can be stated that it is a software language with many functions. He has many roles, such as running games, making websites more features. JavaScript can be added to the web page to make websites more useful and to benefit from some of their functions. However, JavaScript is a software language that needs to be learned like all other software languages. It is possible to use JavaScript on your websites with a very easy and fast learning program. In this article, How to use JavaScript in HTML? How is JavaScript code added to HTML? We have compiled the answers to such questions for you. However, we will talk about some of the advantages of using JavaScript.

What Does JavaScript Code Do? 

JavaScript external file is a code file that can do wonders on websites. After a simple learning process, you can play videos, images, or even host games on web pages using JavaScript. In addition to these, there are many other advantages of using JavaScript. 

Advantages of JavaScript

What Are the Advantages?

You can see the advantages of JavaScript code in the rest of our article.

  • JavaScript has a very easy language to learn and apply,
  • It is the language in which errors that occur due to software language implementation method are most easily noticed,
  • It is perfect for making different and more special applications on the web page,
  • JavaScript can function not only in a single browser but also in multiple browsers,
  • Enables visitors to spend more time on web pages,
  • It is a very fast software language.

When each of the above factors is performed with the insert javaScript method, there is a positive return for web pages.

How to Connect JavaScript to HTML

How to Connect JavaScript to HTML?

In order to use JavaScript, the JavaScript external file must first be connected to HTML. For this, there are some simple ways. We will share the two most preferred methods with you. The first of these is to add JavaScript directly to the HTML file.

  • You must use the <script> </script> tag to include the JavaScript in the HTML file. With this tag, you can take action to include all JavaScript codes. However, you can add JS to the HTML file with the two JavaScript tags below.
  • It is possible to add JS directly to the HTML file by putting the <body> tag at the beginning and end of the code.

Which part of the file you put the code in also has an effect on the way JavaScript is loaded. Many software experts recommend implementing it with the head tag. Codes added to the body section load much faster. However, since the code added in the head section allows you to create a separate code section from the file, it makes debugging easier.

add the javascript code to a different file

Add JavaScript Code to a Different File

Another method is to add the JavaScript code to a different file. This method makes it much more possible to use code on different pages. You can choose the external file import method to add JS to HTML. Adding JS to a separate file will create a more useful site design. You can discover the advantages of adding JS to a separate page when you sit down to solve potential errors.

Conclusion On Adding JavaScript to HTML

JavaScript plugin, which will increase the performance of the page in every sense, is highly preferred. This plugin, which people can use comfortably, will make the page work better when added correctly. Therefore, if people do not know about this add-on, they should definitely get training about it.

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In this article, we shared with you two different methods of adding JavaScript code to HTML. Incorrect use of JavaScript codes can render the site dysfunctional. However, it should be said that there are multiple advantages to making changes to the software language and the website. Using JavaScript, you can make your website much more functional. Considering such situations, you can add JavaScript, which is an easy software language, to HTML and make your site more functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding JavaScript to HTML is a very simple process. People can create add-ons by directly typing the codes given on the page. The browser doesn’t have to see tags. So the browser can only recognize HTML and write the code over HTML.

– People can do this easily by following the steps.
– Find a script file.
– Use APIs. And put the code in the context of the page.
– Write the entire JavaScript code by adding a <script> tag as described.
– Put this function in a script.
– In this way, JavaScript will be added to the web page.

JavaScript is known as programming that web page editors use very often. If JavaScript is added to the web page, the web page can work without accessing the server.

The best way to store the JavaScript code is to put it in an HTML file. Codes are stored if people put the files in an HTML file. The browser does not notice this code, and the development of the page goes faster.

There are various tutorials that contain detailed information about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. People should complete this training in the first place. Then he can start practicing. The best place to practice can be the web pages of the institutions where you can take the training. The person can also install a free web page and try the JavaScript codes he learned on the site.

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