How to Come Up With a Good Campaign

How to Come Up With a Good Campaign

If you are in the marketing business and want to invest in advertising, pay-per-click is a great option to market your business. A well-organized campaign may help to boost your company’s profit. You can use catchy ads, keywords, and landing pages to make your PPC campaign more profitable. Keep in mind that it never hurts to use some imagination and inspiration in your PPC campaigns. In our article, we will be guiding you through some effective ways to improve your business by setting up a good PPC campaign. Here are nine tips that would help with your PPC campaign. 

Target Your Customers

You need to match your PPC campaign to your target customers to draw their attention. To do that, you need to know your customers, their pain points, and demands. If you do not have a buyer persona, you can start with creating one.  

You can;

  • target your potential customers in several ways,
  • target LinkedIn profiles based on the industry and the company,
  • edit your search ad campaigns to target people who have already associated with your company.

Be active on YouTube and use TrueView Ads to reach new customers based on the keywords they enter to search for your products or services.

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choose your keywords wisely

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Keyword research must be the essential part of your PPC campaign. Otherwise, it would be impossible for your potential customers to visit your website in the first place. Here are some tips on how to choose your keywords wisely:

  1. Think like a customer.

    Consider what a customer would type on a search engine if he were going to buy your products or services.

  2. Use a keyword search tool.

    You may need some help with keyword choice. For that, you can use Google’s keyword search or some other tool to find the most useful keywords for your website. 

  3. Be specific.

    Do not generalize while searching for keywords. Be specific so that you get more clicks on your website.

  4. Do not forget the negative keywords.

    Negative keywords are words that you want to exclude on searches. Specify those unnecessary keywords to get a higher click rate.

Stop Using Keywords With Bad Performance

You need to follow the performance of the keywords that you have bid. If you notice that the keywords are not performing well, it is time to change them. But first, identify the reason why the keywords have poor performance.

One of the reasons for this may be that your bids are not competitive enough. Find out which keywords have the most click, and you will gain more traffic to your website. Another scenario may be that you are bidding enough, but the keyword is not functioning well and is not something the customers are searching for. Or, the keyword may be too general, so it has a low search volume. In these cases, pause those keywords to upgrade your PPC campaign.

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Use Call to Action

A call to action helps you engage and convert your potential customers by telling them what you want them to do. It can lead you to success in your PPC campaign. You may want them to call, apply, subscribe, or share something. It is up to you! Do not forget that having more than one CTA may confuse your customers, so stick to one. You can also support your CTA by adding site links to your CTA. 

set your budget for campaign

Set Your Budget

When you start a campaign, and you want it to succeed, then you need to set a budget at the beginning. Determine how much you can pay for a keyword so that you have a certain cost per click. Also, make sure that you are spending money on your most profitable products or services.

Do not spend your PPC budget at the weekends. It is stated that users are less active at the weekends. You should also avoid launching your PPC campaign in the peak season. Try launching it before the peak season starts so you will have optimized stats when it begins.

Optimize Your Ads 

Let us say you have already created an ad and stepped aside. It is a big no for a successful PPC campaign. You need to constantly update your ads to get the most click.

If you are planning to create a new ad, keep it short and relevant. Catching the attention of your potential customers is the key, so make sure you have ad copies that are going along with our daily routine. You may also create an effective landing page that goes along with your ad. After your potential customer clicks on the PPC ad, he will be directed to the landing page you have created. Be sure that the landing page is clear and to the point. 

Stand Out

Analyze your competitors’ PPC campaigns and create unique ads to stand out. You can use a tool to identify details on your competitors’ ads. There are various tools that reveal how your competitors profit from certain keywords. Do not forget to include the distinctiveness of your products or services in your ads to draw the attention of your potential customers. 

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You can also use ad extensions. Ad extensions provide extra information about the product or the service you are promoting on the search results page. Ad extensions provide more traffic, and they raise your quality score and lowers cost-per-click. You can add site links, callouts, and structured snippets to your ad. There are several tools you can create your extension on. If you have created your ad in Ad Builder, you can use the “Extension” tab and choose your extension type there. Google also has extension features you can get help from. 

Timing Is Important

There are certain periods of time to display your ads. Dayparting is a PPC marketing tactic that schedules your ads for specific hours in the day or for specific days in the week so that you target specific audiences. As some audiences are more active at certain times of the day, if you target those hours, you will have a higher chance to convert them. It may not work for all businesses, but if you provide services or if you are a local company, dayparting can help you profit easily. Make sure you identify the optimum time and run your ads. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money. 

be patient

Be Patient

A PPC campaign may be the best way to increase sales and get more traffic. It may boost brand awareness and make you profit too. However, PPC campaigns require at least three months of work to provide you with specific data to improve your ads and, eventually, your company. Three months later, using that final data, you can revise your keywords and target your customers on point.

Three months may sound like a very long period. It takes a long because you need time to gather data with a new promotion. As your PPC campaign does not have any performance history, platforms like Google, Bing, etc., will gather information about your ads and create a quality score, which you can use later to better your company. 

FAQs on a Good PPC Campaign

What is the goal of a PPC campaign?

PPC campaigns lead to traffic on your website. The traffic may result in conversion, which leads to sales. The advantage of a PPC campaign is that you are targeting customers who are already interested in your products and services. 

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How can PPC help grow your business?

You can shape your PPC campaign according to your goal. You may want to increase traffic on your website or want to build brand awareness. Also, you may need newsletter sign-ups or, you may be looking for only conversions. It is your call to decide which way you want to use your PPC campaign.

How much does a PPC campaign cost?

There is no certain amount for a PPC campaign as it depends on the industry and many other factors. However, if you have a small to mid-sized company, consider spending around $10,000 monthly on Google Ads, excluding additional costs. 

Can every industry use PPC campaigns?

Any business can advertise online and use PPC campaigns. You may be an owner of a local business, or you may be running a business with high margins. The key point is to run an optimized PPC campaign to increase conversions and sales. 

How often should you check your PPC campaign?

You may want to check your PPC campaigns weekly or more often. If you have created a brand new campaign, you should track your PPC campaign performance daily. That way, you can make instant changes to your campaign. 

Conclusion on a Good PPC Campaign

Having a business and managing it is a huge work. However, promoting your business and presenting it to the world takes extra effort. In this article, we have given you how you can manage your ads and have a good PPC campaign. It takes time and energy to better your ads and try new features and strategies but keep in mind that behind every success, there is effort.  Lastly, as we have already mentioned studying your competitor is a must for creating a good strategy. Therefore, we advise you to learn about these competitor analysis tools for a better campaign.

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