How to Learn Digital Marketing: For Beginners

How to Learn Digital Marketing: For Beginners

When we say “digital,” we only come to mind for hours, and nowadays we live everything in the digital world. The reach of advertising and marketing to the consumer through digital media is the basis of digital marketing. Technology and the internet have brought with it a digitalized way of life in the last 10 years. Today, when shopping develops in parallel with life and the way we communicate with the way we live, we also use digital marketing together with interactive marketing, online marketing, and e-commerce names. That is why it is crucial to learn digital marketing if you are going to do marketing.

Social media is also strengthened due to the use of mobile devices, it shows us when there is a great improvement in the number of people spending time on the internet. Now, people who want to get information about a product or service go straight to the internet, review the websites of brands, and look at comments made on their social media accounts. So in this sense, we must see digital marketing as the new form of communication of the new world in itself. In this article, we have created a guide on how to learn digital marketing for beginners.

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? In its simplest form, we call marketing operations using digital platforms digital marketing. However, it is worth noting that this can cause a serious confusion of concepts because it is a “persuasion” art that includes math and creative approaches within the concept we call marketing. Of course, marketing is always and under all circumstances. It’s wrong in theory but practically true to class like digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing. Because we need a variety of names or titles to characterize the action. When we say social media marketing or social media marketing communication, everyone can understand what we mean more easily. That’s because we’re expressing certain processes by names.

If we go back to digital marketing, the joke is that it’s not “digital”, it’s “interactive.” The works covered by digital marketing include interactive interaction and dialogue. As a result, the term interactive marketing is more accurate than the term digital marketing. Otherwise, the fact that something is digital or analog is all about technology.

As mentioned above, we call digital marketing in the whole of the efforts to reach and contact potential customers and existing customers using the right digital channels depending on the industry.

Understand Digital Marketing

How Should We Understand Digital Marketing?

So, what is digital marketing, and how do we understand digital marketing? In theory, we can divide digital marketing into two main titles:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing

We need to examine these two main topics intricately, not independent of each other. So we shouldn’t think of one independently of the other, and we need to think that you’re organizing with each other. A holistic approach will enable us to achieve a comprehensive digital marketing plan. 

Inbound Marketing

We call it inbound marketing to all of the work that you spend on labor and require time and patience rather than a high budget. For example, social media communication, community building, SEO, such as studies that require patience, time, and continuity is inbound marketing. It will bring results in the long term.

Outbound Marketing

We can roughly call this title “Outgoing Marketing.” On the name, the title we go to potential customers. Here, rather than time and labor, the budget is spent, and sometimes instant returns are achieved in the shorter term. Social media ads are the best examples we can give for Google advertising, programmatic advertising outbound marketing.

Steps to Learn Digital Marketing

What are the Steps of Digital Marketing?

  • Acquire All activities you do to attract customers to your website or e-commerce site. Search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, and content marketing online PR are the main topics.
  • Convert: After you manage to bring the user to your site, they are all activities that help your goals. Sales are not your only target. The reading of users’ blog posts, the likes they make, and the proportion of shares, cover many activities, such as the time they spend on the site. Many topics such as availability and accessibility studies, content management, personalization, identifying customer segments, and increasing payment systems are what you do in this step.
  • Measure&Optimize: Measurement activities that allow you to understand what you’re doing right or what’s wrong so far. It covers many topics, such as competing for analytics, site performance analysis, evaluating online surveys.
  • Retain&Grow: Your work to make your winning customers permanent. Topics such as customer service and e-mail marketing are the main ones.

What Does The Digital Marketing Statement Cover?

As mentioned above, digital marketing consists of a whole of two main topics called inbound marketing and outbound marketing and covers all the processes contained in these two titles. If you look at concepts in the main ingredients:

  • Social Media Marketing (Social Media Marketing Communication)
  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads (Such as search advertising, display network, retargeting and remarketing)
  • YouTube Ads (Video Ads)
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Digital marketing is the whole of the works that it uses these titles within a specific target and strategy framework and in a holistic way. You can even set up some of the goals and campaigns related to TV, radio, newspaper.

Where and How to Learn Digital Marketing?

That’s one of the questions I’ve often encountered; How are we going to find out? To learn about digital marketing, it is necessary to know how to think a little creative and original, marketing, statistics, and using digital channels in technical terms.

For example, just learning to use the Google Ads panel doesn’t make you learn about digital marketing. You only learn to use an important tool. This tool is learning what we mentioned above is to “technically know how to use digital channels.” As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, marketing is a process of persuasion. Many details, from visual selection to text writing, and from pricing to sales percentage, are vital. That means you have to be good at marketing, statistics, maths.

There are many digital marketing courses or digital marketing training specialists on the market. However, we regret to point out that this sector is very open to abuse. With the instructor, with its references, you can start classes with an institution or person who has received “pass points” with his former participants. It doesn’t matter how popular it is, because we need to point out that many very popular educational programs in the field of education are not what they look like from the outside.

What is the total training time, how long will they tell the topic, how the educational content continues (whether there is an application, is there a project, just slide, etc.) should be clear. For example, it would be a good decision to get away from people and institutions who said that SEO topic is explained in 2 hours or even all digital marketing in 20-30 hours.

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing plays an important role in the success of an internet initiative. For this reason, Digital Marketing Training has become much more interesting in recent times. This training allows candidates to learn how to market their products or services in the best way. Digital Marketing Training courses are general. This means that they can apply to any marketing campaign, any product or service. Training courses then provide candidates with basic information that can be developed to tailor each methodology according to their organization.

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Digital marketing offers the opportunity to assess how successful the organization’s marketing campaign is and is more transparent than the traditional side. For this reason, organizations prefer Digital Marketing because they can transparently analyze their campaigns to make their campaigns more successful. It can provide a competitive advantage when you use it correctly and manage it, and it can be incredibly valuable to the company’s success.

Digital Marketing Lessons

Digital marketing is the penthouse of many channels. If you manage the channels under this roof correctly, your holistic approach will lead your initiative to success. So, let’s learn about the channels you’re going to take in order.

Free Digital Marketing Courses

Below we presented a few online digital marketing courses. These pieces of training will be the first step in having basic knowledge, understanding the logic of the job, and making your forward-looking career configuration. So, you may consider these courses.

  • Google Ad Grants Online Marketing
  • WordStream Courses
  • HubSpot Digital Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce Courses
  • Google Digital Horse
  • Facebook Blue Print

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training for Individuals

The benefits of completing the Digital Marketing Training course for the individual are:

  • You can get a better career opportunity.
  • You get a chance to improve your current company’s processes and marketing plans.
  • It is possible to get successful results that allow you to prove your skills and knowledge.
  • You can ensure that your initiative has a competitive advantage.

Some Considerations about Digital Marketing

  • Current website: The up-to-dateness of your website (e-commerce site), which is your shop on the internet, is important in terms of consumers who visit your page to find something new at a time. With interactive campaigns, you can increase your visitors to your site.
  • Blogs: What Google cares most about is quality and useful content. Create your blog on your website and share content to suit the interests and needs of your audience.
  • Active social media use Social networks where people spend the most time. Use your social media accounts active and communicate with consumers following the language of the new world.
  • SEO: Work for search engine optimization. Being at the top of searches on the internet will make users trust your brand, and access your products/services will be easier.
  • Mobile marketing: Make your website mobile affordable and take advantage of mobile marketing, taking into account the widespread use of smartphones. For example, you can create mobile applications for your brand.


In this article, we gave you some tips on how to learn digital marketing if you are a beginner. In short, digital marketing uses mobile and other interactive channels on the internet, i.e., away from traditional marketing channels such as print press, radio, television, and billboards. At the same time, we also refer to interactive marketing with various names called online marketing, e-marketing, and web marketing. Digital marketing has always been in the right place and at the right time to connect to your audience. I mean, it’s on the internet.

Unlike many non-translation marketing methods, digital marketing enables marketers to see the right results in real-time. To give an example, you can’t measure how many consumers saw and what percentage of consumers are interested in advertising when you see the ad you’ve given to a newspaper. There is also no definitive way to know if this ad is responsible for any sale. On the other hand, you can measure and analyze the ROI of almost every aspect of your marketing efforts with digital marketing to measure your ad’s success.

If you liked this article about how to learn digital marketing, check out our other articles as well. You may also like our in-depth article on digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, digital marketing is incredibly difficult to do.

Some of the paying video ads don’t work. SEO-optimized pages carry a lot of traffic, but traffic is always meaningless, and users do not need or see the importance of your product. Social ads are expensive, and there is no ROI for many campaigns.

Here are two of the highest-paid positions in SEO/SEM and the average salary range projected:

SEO/SEM Analyst: $62,000 to 107,000.
SEO/SEM Specialist: $73,000 to 101,000.

SAP is for the kind of person who is somehow amazing at programming things like java and other programming languages in object-oriented programs. On the other hand, if you’re involved in information collection style work, digital marketing is perfect for you.

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