How to Remove My Name From Google Search

How to Remove My Name From Google Search

In our digitalizing world, much of our information has become easily accessible through the internet. It is sufficient to only have internet access so that everything from our name, address, identity information, and private information can be found on the internet. While this may not matter to some of us, privacy is very important to others.

You might be wondering “I want to remove my name from Google search, but I’m not sure how.” Learn how to do it by continuing to read our article.

get rid of your social media accounts

Get Rid of Your Social Media Accounts

You should deactivate or delete your social media, shopping, and web service accounts. First, determine which social networks you have an account on. Check out all shopping and social media sites. Then, deactivate your account by entering these accounts one by one or delete them completely. The first thing that will appear when you search for yourself on the Internet is your information on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can make your profiles “private” as an alternative to deleting or deactivating your accounts. However, this may not give full results.

Disconnect Yourself from Data Collectors

Data brokers collect data from everything you search online and sell it to places for personalized advertising or other purposes. They can access your phone number, address, and e-mail address. There are many applications to get rid of this, to completely delete your information from such places.

Contact the Webmasters

Make it clear to them why you would like the content you have specified removed and what harm it caused you. If someone has posted your sensitive personal information (such as bank account number, social security number) and the webmaster does not remove it, you can send a legal request to Google for this.

If you have a social media account or a website with your name that you no longer use, and your name still appears on that site in search results because the site is not updated, you can contact them first to update the site. However, sometimes your name may still appear in the search results for that site despite updating the site. In such a case, you can use the Remove Outdated Content tool. You can enter your URL and click request removal. Although it is a bit of a long process, it is quite effective for removing your name from Google Search.

destroy your links

Destroy Your Links

Destroy everything linked to your e-mail address. Do not forget that you can also be reached by the usernames of the places where you registered with your e-mail address. When they reach your name, they can follow you by your name. In other words, disconnect every link to your e-mail address.

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In addition to all this, if the content that you do not want to be displayed is still there after trying everything, if it has not been removed despite everything you have done, you can make your content appear at the end of searches. For this, you can share new content and make the old content appear at the end. Remember that new content will appear higher in search engines. Also, let’s remind you that you can hire a lawyer to do all these things on your behalf after you’ve gathered all the evidence.
Removing your name from Google is not as easy and fast as you think. You have to be patient during this process. Keep in mind that Google will not approve your request to remove content unless you have good reasons.

Back to Square One

In this article, we talked about how you can remove your name from Google, what you need to do such as contacting webmasters or making a request to Google, how you can move content to the end in search results as an alternative if the content has not been removed despite everything. Once you are done, you can delete your Google Account by following the instructions in our other article.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason for this is that the images appearing in the search results come from websites that do not belong to Google. Since Google does not own these sites, it cannot remove them. You need to contact the webmasters of the websites to remove the content.

Yes. You can use Google Alerts for this. After signing in to Google, go to Write your name in the alert box you will see at the top of the page and click the Create Alert button.

Google allows wives or husbands, lawyers, and other associates to create a name and removal request on behalf of someone else. Results from Google sites in the EU will be lost after Google approves your request.

There is a list of the information you want to remove from Google where Google specifies which content to remove:
National identification numbers
Bank account numbers
Credit card numbers
Signature images
Sexually explicit photos uploaded without the consent of the person
Confidential, personal medical records of private persons

To do this, you must go to the Linked accounts page of your Google account. You can delete the account you want to remove by selecting Unlink.


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