How to Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Record

How to Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Record

The Domain Name System (DNS) is necessary to create Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Each device that has an internet connection has a unique IP address, and DNS converts these names of devices to IP addresses. Your StatusIQ subdomain can be misused. Thus, you should verify domain ownership via DNS.

What Is DNS? How Does It Work?

When internet users want to load a page, they type the name of the website into their browser. In these cases, an IP address is a necessity for the browser to direct the user to the website that they are looking for. Therefore, DNS resolution occurs.

Each device and hostnames on the internet have an IP address via DNS resolution. In that way, your web browser can easily find the page that you want to open. To resolve a DNS record, you should verify domain ownership.

How to Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Record

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You can validate domain ownership via Google Search Console. It enables you to verify your website in all versions such as www., http, https.

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  1. Firstly, go to Google Search Console and find the verification page.

  2. Secondly, find the “add property” option with a plus sign and click it.

    add property

  3. Then, two options will appear on your page. You should type your domain name into the box in the “Domain” part because you will use DNS to verify. After that, click the “Continue” option.

    type your domain name

  4. Now, you should prove that the site that you wrote is yours. To do that, you should copy the TXT record, which starts with “google-site-verification=”

    copy txt record

  5. Before finishing verification, go to your provider’s website that you got the domain. This step may differ depending on your provider. Find the page that you can add records.

    provider website

  6. Add your TXT record to the proper box and select the “TXT” for the type. Then, complete the step by clicking the “add” or “save” depending on your provider’s website.

    add your txt record

  7. Lastly, go to the Google Search Console again. The last page that you left includes the “verify” button at the right lower corner of the tab. Click it, and your domain ownership will be verified via DNS record.

    verify your domain via dns record

FAQs on Verifying Domain Ownership via DNS Record

What is the TXT record used for?

TXT records can be utilized for many reasons. In general, Google makes it a requirement for validating domain ownership. These records are some subcategories of DNS (Domain Name System) records.

Are multiple TXT DNS records legal?

If these multiple records implement a certain standard, it can be illegal depending on that particular standard. However, in general, it is legal to have multiple TXT DNS records.

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Are there different DNS record types?

There are various DNS record types that can be used for different purposes. Commonly used ones are “TXT, A, AAAA, MX, NS, SOA, PTR, etc.” Thus, you should find what you need according to your purpose.

What is the purpose of DNS AAAA?

DNS AAAA is mostly used to connect a domain to a particular website via IP address. It is also the reason for using DNS A in different conditions.

What is the difference between MX and TXT?

TXT DNS focuses on text-based information, while MX works on the delivery of your emails for your domain.

Verifying Domain Ownership via DNS Record

DNS resolution is a process of conversion of the hostname of a website to an IP address. Since IP addresses are significant and need on the internet, you should verify domain ownership via DNS record. You can complete the verification via Google Search Console by adding a TXT record via your domain provider’s website. As given above, you can easily complete it in seven steps.

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