How to Install an SSL Certificate to WordPress

How to Install an SSL Certificate to WordPress

SSL, meaning Secure Sockets Layer, is one factor that provides secure communication on the computer network. SSL certificate prevents the concepts such as identity information, password, and credit card information of the site users from falling into others’ hands. That is why one needs to know how to install an SSL certificate to WordPress.

Website owners should add this attachment to their sites because today, when internet shopping is prominent, shopping from websites without SSL certificates is not much preferred.

how to check if there is ssl on the website

How to Check if There Is SSL on the Website

Although some websites already have an SSL certificate, the site owner is not aware of this. This point, which can be controlled by following a few steps, is important for the site owners to gain more profit.

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  • The site owner should open the site from the user’s perspective.
  • The screen that opens should be checked whether there is a green lock icon next to the link.
  • If there is a green lock icon, an SSL connection is available on the website.

What are the General Features of SSL Certificate?

  • There are some features of the algorithm of a classical SSL certificate. By learning what these features are, people can ensure the security of their site and give confidence to their users.
  • The SSL certificate must bear the symbol of the institution where the certificate is located.
  • Each certificate has a specific number and expiration date. Therefore, site owners are required to activate their SSL certificates regularly.
  • The certificate acts as a public key belonging to the site owner; that is, it verifies his information. It is an open signature taken from him.
  • The same certificate means that it bears the open signature of the institution that issued this certificate.
  • It provides security and confidentiality regarding the encoding of the relevant data and entering the password.
  • This is a link between the person sending the data and the person receiving it. It confirms the accuracy of the information.
  • It offers documentation of the date and time among the documents.
  • Since a site with an SSL certificate will give users confidence, the possibility and potential of people to shop on the site will increase.
  • The SSL certificate, which contributes positively to SEO studies, helps search engines to highlight the sites that have this certificate.
install ssl certificate to wordpress

Install SSL Certificate to WordPress

The SSL certificate, which has a very affordable annual fee, is offered as a privilege of the domain and the hosting site. People can install it approximately 30 seconds after receiving an SSL certificate on this site. This program, which is between 128 and 256 kilobytes, costs as low as $ 7.27-49, which is the annual fee. Persons must renew this certificate annually. The SSL certificate, which will also cover the subdomain and fully protect the site, is different, with an average of $ 56.06 to $ 179.95 per year. This certificate is offered to individuals at the end of a year; it may be better to use the other package initially. Of course, those who trust their site and its earnings can consider the second option.

Some companies undertake the installation themselves, but if there is no such option, the following steps should be followed.

  • First of all, you need to send the ID, username, and password information to the company from which you purchased the domain and hosting.
  • Login to the admin panel in WordPress.
  • Go to the Settings section and click on the general option.
  • Go to the WordPress URL section and enter the HTTPS address in this section. (The link of the site should be given for which site will be installed.)
  • The same URL is pasted in the section that says site address.
  • The Save options button is clicked.

If Using Apache, the Code to Be Written in the .htacces Is As Follows

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond% {SERVER_PORT} 80

RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Https: //$1 [R, L]


If Using Nginx, First Write the Following Code, Then the Domain Name in the Config Section Is As Follows

server {

listen 80;

server_name your;

return 301 https: //$request_uri;


To add the relevant certificate to the WordPress site administration area, click on the wp-config.php section and click on the space above the “That’s all, happy blogging” section;

define (‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);

                                                          code is entered.

  • Go to the WordPress section again and choose the general from the settings section.
  • For the installation to be permanent, people must log in to hosting and back up the relevant area. Some errors may occur as a result of the installation. In this case, you should include all the necessary add-ons.
how to install an ssl certification to wordpress

Which Plugins Should I Add In Case of Error in Installation?

People should have checked the installation errors before adding these add-ons. You should pass all internal URLs on HTTPS. Applications such as Jitbit have a facilitating effect in this sense. Using these applications, people can check whether SSL works without any problems.

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FAQ About Install SSL Certificate to WordPress

Does WordPress need an SSL certificate?

Of course, WordPress doesn’t need an SSL certificate to work. However, sites with SSL certificates are more likely to stand out, and users trust the site more.

Are SSL certificates transferable?

SSL certificates are installed depending on a specific domain name. Therefore, even if it has not expired, the SSL certificate cannot be transferred.

How much does an SSL certificate cost?

It may vary according to the qualifications of the certificate to be obtained. The cost of a comprehensive certificate is set at the lowest $ 56, while the highest is $ 180. The cost of the starter certificate varies between $ 7.5 and $ 49. A starting certificate is recommended for those who open new sites. Also, payments should be repeated once a year.

Do I need a positive SSL?

For the site to stand out faster and to ensure users’ trust, people need a positive SSL certificate.

What should be done if an error occurs even though all steps have been followed?

Of course, WordPress doesn’t need an SSL certificate to work. However, sites with SSL certificates are more likely to stand out, and users trust the site more.

Conclusion On Install SSL Certificate to WordPress

It is very easy for people to add the SSL certificate they purchase to WordPress. If people follow the above steps without any problems, they will do the setup. Besides, if they encounter any problems, then they need to add the necessary plugins. Finally, if you want to take a few steps back, you should perhaps introduce yourself to the basics of SSL first.

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