How to Restore a Website from Wayback Machine

How to Restore a Website from Wayback Machine

Want to restore your website from Wayback Machine? Ready to secure your pages? WayBack Machine is a useful website that you can use to access the old versions of all the sites in the internet world. Gifted by the nonprofit institution Internet Archive, this site is also known as the “time machine of the Internet world.” Thanks to this useful tool, you can make pleasant journeys throughout the life of a website, from birth to death, and it is also possible to restore a website from Wayback Machine.

Restoring a Site From Wayback Machine

WayBack Machine has been visiting the websites on the internet world with the automatic bot software and caches their appearance in its own memory. Once the caching process is complete, it regularly re-updates the appearance of the websites in weekly/monthly intervals so that they can offer a service to the internet users.

Although many internet users use Wayback Machine for “meme” purposes to have fun, on the contrary, it is not a web tool for entertainment purposes only or to relive memories. Besides reliving fun memories, there are technical benefits as well. For example, when you cannot access the original content from the original website, you can try to access the content via the cache by traveling in time back to that date, thanks to Wayback Machine. Or, you can visit old websites and get ideas for your new website. Read this article to learn how to make your own website!

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Wayback Machine can also be a very useful helper in such cases. However, its advantages do not end here. If you want to restore the website that you can no longer reach for a certain reason, you can get help from the Wayback Machine. We will guide you step-by-step “How To Restore a Website From Wayback Machine” processes.

Restore a Website From Wayback Machine Step-by-Step Guide

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here is how you can restore a website from Wayback Machine:

  1. Firstly, you need to visit to navigate with Wayback Machine.

    navigate with wayback machine

  2. As the second step, type the full URL of your page in the explore field (for instance: Then, click the “Browse History” button.

    browse history

  3. Once you click it, you will see a calendar of exactly which time WM has archived your website. Blue buttons mean that the archive is from the same day.

    blue button archives

  4. On each day, you will reach your content as they are saved by, not as you left.

    reach your content

  5. Then, to restore manually, you need to navigate each page and copy the contents and images your website once had into a text editor. Also, you can save your website code by clicking Right Click>View page source.

    save your website code

This is all you need to do to restore a website from Wayback Machine. However, we have to mention that there is no guarantee that WM has your website.

FAQs About Restoring a Website From Wayback Machine

What Is Wayback Machine?

The Wayback Machine is a time capsule/internet time machine developed by the Internet Archive, a nonprofit and donation-based organization.

What Does Wayback Machine Do?

Wayback Machine has backed up more than 600 billion websites to its memory since 1996, accessible to all users for free.

Where to visit to Restore My Website From Wayback Machine?

All you need to do is visiting and search for your domain name. Then, you can restore it as long as your website has been saved. 

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Are There Any Tools For Wayback Machine?

Yes, there are. Some are named Wayback Scraper and Wayback Machine Scraper.

Is Wayback Machine Free?

Yes, it is. Wayback Machine is completely free to use.

Conclusion on Restoring a Website From Wayback Machine

Although websites have at least one server copy, irreversible server crashes and hacking incidents may occur. In such cases, you can get a copy of your website via Wayback Machine and restore your website. 

In conclusion, Wayback Machine can be life-saving if you cannot reach your original website server anymore.

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