How to Schedule Instagram Posts

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

If you Schedule Instagram posts you will have many great benefits. This is especially true for aspiring social media influencers and businesses alike. This article will discuss how to schedule posts on Instagram and the benefits of doing so.

Why Schedule Instagram posts?

There are many reasons behind scheduling your Instagram posts. It removes any chance of forgetting to post every day. If the weeks’ worth of content is prepared ahead of time and scheduled for release at the same time each day. Followers can become addicted to the new content and will time their social media activity around your posts. The hunger of your followers for the latest content increases the demand for it. Regular posting is very beneficial for accounts that want to rank highest in Instagram search results. Having a highly active account will provide you with a larger audience, thanks to Instagram’s own ranking system for posts.

why not just use instagram automation

Why Not Just Use Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation is usually a scam. It is where you pay for a third party to have bots like or comment on other users’ posts promoting you to provide a boost to your analytics. This practice is harmful to your brand and your wallet as these services are not cheap and don’t deliver the expected results. Stay well away from Instagram automation services. They hinder the growth of your account’s followers and slow down the progress of your business. It is much better to grow your followers naturally with regularly scheduled quality content instead of paying for fake views and likes, which are of little to no benefit to your business.

Benefits of Using Facebook’s Creator Studio to Schedule Posts

Facebook has now released its own Instagram post scheduler function. The Third parties that used to pose a risk to users are now harmless. There are many other benefits from the new service, such as;

  • An efficient and straightforward system to schedule posts in advance.
  • Security is provided by using a service provided by the owners of the social media platform themselves. User’s accounts are no longer at risk from theft by third-party sites.
  • By arranging posts in advance, time is used more efficiently. Making the most of your time is essential when managing your brand and business.
  • Scheduling builds consistency and allows you to post at the most efficient times of the day for your business to flourish.
  • Enables business accounts the time to have a break from social media to focus on other areas and maximize their growth.
a business account is needed

A Business Account Is Needed

Ever since scheduling Instagram posts was conceived as an idea, it has been necessary to have an Instagram business account. A business account is needed to use any form of post-scheduling service. Fortunately, Instagram has provided an easy way to convert your account into a business one.

  • Firstly, click on the three dots button in the upper right corner of your profile.
  • Next, click settings and navigate to the account section.
  • Thirdly, select ‘Switch to a professional account.’
  • Select ‘business’ and fill in the type of business you run. This information will be publicly viewable, so choose wisely.
  • Finally, add your business’s public contact details before clicking done.

Another note to remember is that you will require a business Facebook page in order to convert your Instagram profile into a business account.

Advantages of Using an Instagram Business Account

Some of the main bonuses for users upgraded to an Instagram business account are surprising. You gain the following features to use through your Instagram account;

  • You can boost posts. This feature is similar to paid advertisements.
  • After reaching 10,000 followers, you can add links to your Instagram stories to further promote your products and brand.
  • Gain access to the Shoppable feature, which lets you sell straight from your Instagram page.
  • Gain insight into the performance of your account via detailed native analytics.

These benefits are essential for growing the profitability of your business. It is also a great way to increase brand awareness and positive customer interactions.

What to Do if You Don’t Want a Business Account

To begin with, remain calm. There are still ways to arrange the scheduling of your Instagram posts. However, they are not as efficient or comprehensive as using a business account. Third-party sites are available to help schedule personal Instagram posts. The main downside is that they can essentially only provide users with a reminder that they should post each day at the chosen time. This reminder would be better as a recurring alarm on your mobile device entitled ‘Instagram post time.’ Using the alarm as a reminder would eliminate your need to trust a third party with your account details.

Third-party Post Schedulers Are Still Around

There are third-party services still available for use. Some, such as Hootsuite, have even become part of the Instagram Partner Program. These are the only third-party sites that should receive consideration for your account’s safety and personal data. Sites like Hootsuite have some features yet to become featured in Facebook’s Creator Studio. Some of these advanced features are even available in the free version of Hootsuite. They are as follows.

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The ability to duplicate posts with ease to different days if you want to promote the same content each day for a week is an example. Using Facebook’s Creator Studio, you would need seven individual posts and times and dates for each.
There is a function on Hootsuite to calculate the time your account receives the highest engagement automatically. Allowing you to post at the most efficient times each day. Hootsuite is also available as a mobile app, giving even greater freedom for social media marketers. The options it provides are quite frankly incredible. Account safety is assured as Hootsuite is an official partner of Instagram.

The only downside for using the free version of Hootsuite over Facebook’s Creator Studio is you are limited to 30 scheduled posts each month. This is an ideal number of posts per month for most users, but business accounts can become very busy, and the more posts you can plan and automate, the more free time you will have left afterward.

how to shedule instagram posts

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Here are the steps for sheduling Instagram posts

  1. Ensure your Instagram account is a business account

    A Facebook page is needed to link your account with as a business. Having your account as a business account makes scheduling posts much simpler.

  2. Navigate to Facebook’s Creator Studio

    After reaching Facebook’s Creator Studio, connect your Instagram account.

  3. Click create a post

    Next, click on the Instagram feed. Add a caption, location, hashtags, and mentions.

  4. Place content

    Add the content for the scheduled Instagram post. Tagging any accounts relevant to the content.

  5. Edit and check the post

    Double-check, all of the information is correct. Ensuring any business partners are tagged if it is a branded post. Posts to Facebook can also be done simultaneously.

  6. Select the arrow next to the ‘Publish’ button

    Once in the schedule menu, choose the date and time for the content to be published.

Conclusion on Scheduling Instagram Posts

To conclude, there are a whole host of benefits to scheduling your Instagram posts ahead of time. Including growing your followers by having a high level of post consistency at the time of day when your account receives its most attention. The level of efficiency and interaction that scheduling posts provide is phenomenal. Another bonus is that by scheduling posts around the needs of your business, time is freed up to focus on the growth of that business leading to even more success.

Hopefully, you have learned the benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts to the most efficient time for your business. The only downside of scheduling Instagram posts is that a business account is required on Instagram. However, as mentioned, this is easy to set up and shouldn’t worry you or prevent you from scheduling your posts. Thank you for reading this article about the scheduling of Instagram posts and the benefits provided by it. To see if your strategy has been fruitful you need to get familiar with Instagram analytics tools. For more details take a look at the mentioned post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this scheduling process is now very safe. Ever since Facebook released their version, making the need to use third parties mostly redundant. There are some third-party sites still offering this service. However, it would be best if you stuck with the ones partnered with Instagram to protect your account details.

No, this service is free. Facebook’s Creator Studio is free to use for everybody.

It can. Posting regular content is one of the most significant factors for growing the number of followers an account has on social media.

It is nice and easy to cancel a scheduled post. Navigate to the schedules calendar and select the post you wish to change. Then you can either edit the content or delete the post entirely.

Yes, both the third-party services and the official service allow the option of pausing your scheduled content. This function is convenient, especially if you have a holiday booked and don’t want to work whilst you are away.


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