Guide to Use Shopping Ads on Google

Guide to Use Shopping Ads on Google

Google shopping ads can be effectively used when it is about promoting your products. 

Google made a huge step up by releasing Google Shopping for Consumers, which allows you to drive traffic to your website by directing potential customers using Google services.

However, it might become challenging if you don’t have a good strategy. It is better to understand the needs of your audience and show them the most relevant ads. 

In this article, we covered shopping ads on Google and how to use them. 

What Are Shopping Ads?

Google shopping ads, or the product listing ads (PLAs), are the ads appearing in search results when users search for specific products or product groups.  

If someone looks for a product type or some specific product on Google which you sell, it shows the most relevant ads including yours, and your competitors. If this person clicks on your product, Google will direct him/her to your page. 

It is also a fact that Google takes too much weight off your shoulders with this service. Shopping ads pull the product data directly from your website, form creative ads for each product, and match them with the most relevant search queries. In this way, you can create smart shopping campaigns without too much effort!

How to Use Shopping Ads

Since we learned what shopping ads are, now let’s discover how to use them!

In order to convert your shopping products from your store into shopping ads, you can follow these steps below:

  1. Form a product feed.
  2. Set up a Google Merchant Center account.
  3. Create your Google shopping campaign.
  4. Complete and release your campaign. 

With these steps, it is so straightforward.

Form a Product Feed

Creating your product feed is one of the most critical elements of this process since all your products will be in this data feed.

Google has solid rules for product data formatting, so you should fix it immediately if something goes wrong. Otherwise, Google will disapprove of them, and you won’t be able to advertise them. Be careful about product formatting.

You can create your product feed in two ways: the first is using some extensions or apps, and the latter is making a spreadsheet by yourself. You can visit Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., which are highly beneficial while forming product feed. 

If you have done those, then you can upload your feed to your account. 

merchant center account

Set up a Merchant Center Account 

Since your feed is ready, you can upload your items on your Google Merchant Center Account. 

If you use an API for your product feed (e.g., Shopify), you won’t need to upload your feed manually because it will be sent automatically to GMC. 

However, if you are planning to do it manually, you can follow these steps: 

  • On the Google Merchant Center, click “Products,” then “Feeds.”
  • Click on the blue “+” button to add your feed. 
  • When the upload is finished, you will find the Diagnostics, which will show you which products are uploaded successfully or which ones are declined. 

It is better to detect and fix the declined items, and please do not ignore them. It may end up with account suspension, which we don’t want it. 

Once you are done with this step, you should verify that the domain belongs to you. Also, you will need to provide your shipping costs, and Google will compare them with the others in the market. 

Create Your Google Shopping campaign

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Until this step, you formed your feed, and your items were approved. Now, all you need is to set up a free Google Ads account. 

On the dashboard, you can create your new shopping campaign from the “Campaigns” section.  Then, choose “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance” and click on shopping. 

After that, you should choose between the “standard shopping campaign” and “smart shopping campaign.” Those campaigns differ in many aspects, like where your ads appear, level of control, reach, etc. 

Smart shopping campaigns use automated systems, which do not allow you to control the progress. However, more people can reach your product if you use smart shopping ads since they may see them as banners or without purpose in different search results. Also, one crucial point, you will have limited or no data if you use smart shopping ads, and Google may cause you to lose valuable campaign data due to this. 

google shopping ads campaign

Complete and Release Your Campaign

After deciding on your campaign’s features, edit the general settings. Name your campaign, set a budget daily or weekly, and choose the locations for your ads. 

When you are done with all those settings, “Save” all the process, and your campaign is ready!

Concluding on Shopping Ads on Google

Google ads are one of the most popular ways to direct traffic to your website and make people buy your product. If people are looking for specific products, Google will show the most relevant search results, including your product. However, while the user sees the product, there is a necessary process. First, you will create a product feed, which will include all the products from your website. You can make this with some specialized apps or extensions. After that, you will need a Google Merchant Account, which integrates your feed to the search results. Then you will start your campaign and adjust the settings.  Once you are done, your products will be seen in the search results! It is effortless and makes you save time while earning more benefits. We hope this article was helpful. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Shopping ads are the ads shown under the search results, including detailed information about a product.  

You can choose where you want the ad to be seen. Some common locations are the shopping tab on Google, next to the search results,  Google Partner Websites (not for free listings), Google Display Network (platforms like YouTube, Gmail, etc.).

Smart shopping campaigns are campaigns that use automated systems to make improvements to the performance of the campaigns. You can use those if you don’t want to do all the work manually or don’t have the time to do that. You will reach a wider audience with those campaigns, but your control will be restricted. 

CPE means the cost-per-engagement. It is the system where you set the highest amount that you want to pay per engagement. You can set it manually on a standard shopping campaign, but it will automatically decide on the amount when you use a smart shopping campaign. 

With deep linking, you can allow users to reach your app and products from Google search results. If you want to use deep linking, you should link to your app or the items found on your app on Android and a universal link for iOS devices. 

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