The Importance of SEO in Marketing (+Benefits)

The Importance of SEO in Marketing (+Benefits)

Throughout the digitalization of the world, marketing changed itself as well. If you are familiar with the techniques of marketing, then you can see the same techniques in digital zones as well. Although they are applied a bit differently, it is not much different than traditional marketing. When it comes to digitalization, SEO and SEM are the most important elements of digital marketing. That is why we are going to explain the importance of SEO in marketing

Marketing differs a lot in itself. Yet, it has one simple base strategy that is called 4Ps of marketing. If you haven’t heard of this term before, 4Ps of marketing stands for product, price, place, and promotion. As you can guess from its name, the product is what your business offers to its customers. It can be a solid product or a service. Price is the price; there is nothing complicated about it. Place means the distribution of your product. Your sell range. If we consider you have an online business through digital media, the place determines if it is local or not, or who can benefit from your product. 

The last P is promotion. This one is the most important part of digital marketing because you have to optimize every promotional activity according to your purposes. This is where SEO kicks in, but before we get into it, let’s explain B2B and B2B marketing. 

Both B2B and B2C marketing can be applied in digital media. B2B marketing stands for business to business marketing. It includes marketing strategies that are targeted at other businesses. B2C, on the other hand, stands for business to consumer/customer marketing. B2C includes marketing strategies that are directly prepared for consumers. Both of these marketing types can take place in digital marketing. 

What Is SEO About

What Is SEO About?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a practice that aims to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase the organic traffic for a website. SEO strategies are prepared for the compatibility of the website with search engines so that it could result in ranking higher. Of course, it is not only about the search engines. SEO aims to offer a good user experience to the visitors. After all, it includes organic content that could differentiate the website from others, and it would be meaningless if people couldn’t benefit from this content. 

High quality and organic content are essential for SEO, yet there is another key point of an SEO strategy, which is keyword research. Keyword research requires a good knowledge of your target audience; that is why you need to be aware of traditional marketing strategies as well. If you want to do keyword research, it would be better to start with a SWOT analysis of your company. If you know your audience in the best way you can, it is possible to start a keyword research in the right way. Yet, if you want to learn more about SEO and its strategies, you can visit our article that explains it in more detail. 


SEO vs SEM in Digital Marketing

Marketing in digital media varies with SEO and SEM. We have explained what SEO is and what it aims to do. Now, let’s elaborate on SEM. Search engine marketing (SEM) is creating digital marketing strategies with paid methods such as advertisements. Of course, there are many common elements with SEO, such as keywords. If you search for something on Google, you have probably seen that the first results are ads sometimes. They are the results of an SEM strategy. You can easily identify these results with the bold ‘Ad’ text next to their web address. 

SEM can be useful for marketing if you aim to attract awareness. Let’s say you have started a new business and you want to promote it on the internet. Of course, you can start with SEO and directly aim for the organic audience. However, although SEO strategies are very useful, it takes time to get results from them. SEM is the one for people who don’t want to wait for such a long time. While your SEO strategies develop and start to become useful, you can benefit from paid advertising. 

What is important in SEM is your advertising budget. If you’re looking to advertise on Google by using Google Ads, you should optimize your budget for PPC advertising. 

The Importance of SEO

If you want your business to be successful online, SEO is a must. To come up with the best SEO practices, you have to create content as unique as possible, and to do that; you need to pay attention to your title tags, meta descriptions, and subheadings. 

Without SEO, your website does not have a high chance of receiving enough traffic that your business needs. Even if you have created a great product, which is your website, it wouldn’t mean anything without promotion, which is SEO. 

It is a fact that the majority of people prefer organic results when they are searching for something. Organic traffic is always better, no matter what your industry is. Yet, the importance of it can increase depending on your industry as well. According to the research of BrightEdge, a content marketing company, business services receive 70% of their traffic by SEO. 

Organic Traffic
How Websites Receive Traffic

Of course, the same thing applies to the searches that people make from mobile devices. In order to become successful in digital marketing, your website must be mobile-friendly. Nowadays, applications are quite popular as well. Yet, it is a fact that searches that are made from mobile devices have increased dramatically over the past few years. The ratio of mobile searches and desktop searches are almost 50-50, with a slightly higher percentage of desktop searches. 

Benefits of SEO

What Can You Achieve With SEO?

We have mentioned the aim of SEO before in this article, and there is no reason to duplicate it. However, it is a fact that SEO is the most important element in digital channels because it impacts the largest volume of organic traffic. Paid advertisements can be good for starting, but people tend to skip ads in the SERPs and go directly to the organic results. That is why SEO is a must to promote your business. 

SEO can help you build trust and reputation for your business. The higher you rank, the more people rely on you. People don’t consider the websites that are not ranking higher as trustworthy. They don’t even look at the second page. They are actually right about their thoughts because when Google crawls websites, it determines which websites meet the ranking factors. The consistency of the content is a ranking factor, and websites that can optimize the consistency with their content and titles, etc. are successful in SEO. 

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Google has been working on new search features, and they help the website owners, especially the ones that sell products online such as e-commerce, benefit from these features a lot. Google has released tools that may come in handy when doing SEO for your marketing objectives. Google Analytics is one of them. However, if you want to move forward and get ahead of your rivals, you can do it via other SEO tools. With these tools, you can analyze your rival’s SEO strategies, such as their selection of keywords and domain rating, PageRank, and traffic, etc. So it is safe to say, SEO makes you see your rivals and lets you come up with strategies that will take you one step forward, and it is all legal. 

After You Become Successful

Let’s say you have hired a team to do your SEO work, or you have worked with a professional agency, and your website has resulted very successfully. At this point, you might be thinking about leaving the SEO work behind because you have reached your objectives and ranking high in the SERPs. 

So, can you stop the SEO work after you have become successful? Definitely, you shouldn’t. If you have reached success, it doesn’t mean that you are done with SEO. In fact, you should continue and invest more in SEO to become even more successful and get ahead of your competitors by far. 

As we have stated before, one of the benefits of SEO is to be able to observe your rivals. The same thing will always be a thread for you, and you should be ready when your rivals try to outrank your website. 


We have covered the importance of SEO in marketing. Although digital marketing has become quite popular today, what lies beneath is the basics of traditional marketing. These basic strategies are applied in digital media as well, and we cannot unsee it. When it comes to the promotion of a business, SEO plays a big role in digital marketing. We have explained the importance of SEO and what you can achieve with it. 

If you want to learn more about SEO, please check out our latest articles about it. You may be interested in how to improve SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to follow the actions of SEO. First, you have to know your target audience. Then you should use that information to come up with a keyword research. Use these keywords effectively in your website and build authority backlinks through your high quality and organic content. Of course, maintain your success when you reach it.

Yes, you can. There are many online courses on the internet that you can get help from. Following the steps of successful SEO experts such as Neil Patel is a piece of good advice. You have to spend time on it by practicing until you get the hang of it.

Well, there are many SEO tools you can use to practice SEO. However, if you are kind of new to it, it could be better to start learning how to analyze websites. For that, you can check out Google Analytics. Then you can move on to some of the best SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush.

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