Tips from Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Tips from Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Although Steve Jobs did not have a master’s degree, he became a very successful man, as we can all agree. It was particularly good at marketing. His high-level marketing skills made Apple a top company and saved the company from bankruptcy. While this is the case, I think we can all learn from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs and Apple’s marketing strategy. Let’s know a thing or two about this topic together.

Apple’s Marketing Strategies

We found a few lesson-like tips for anyone wondering what Apple’s successful marketing strategies are, applicable to any business they want. Let’s examine it.


Apple doesn’t need technical terms to describe the product that more than half of its target audience will not understand. It doesn’t overwhelm people with complex information. It doesn’t complicate product marketing with feature lists, price, voice-overs, and special effects that distract attention from the product. If we want to explain it more clearly, we can say that Apple allows products to promote themselves. Apple gives the message it wants to convey to people clearly, without going too long.

product placement

Product Placement

Apple has frequently applied the technique of product placement in television shows and movies to promote its products and has allocated significant budgets for this. The iPhone in the hand of the character you see in a film you watch, the Apple Watch on his arm, the iPad he uses are examples of this product placement. In addition, Apple increases brand visibility by sending unique production products to celebrities and influencers with many followers, showing that essential people use their own products.


Apple is a company that takes the opinions of its customers very seriously. When they launch new products to the market, they measure people’s opinions through social media and listen to users’ ideas for their new devices. In this way, they both meet the expectations of the people, and they get the opportunity to get very good feedback and to promote their products in a good way.

Product Value

The Apple company usually keeps their prices constant, so they don’t get involved in the competition in the market. This is because the value of the product is more important to them than the price of the product. They focus on campaigns that show people the value of their products without putting themselves in a competitive war, without increasing the prices of their products. Working based on product value, Apple brings the user experience to a perfect level, showing that customers are worth paying higher amounts for the products they buy, regardless of the price of the product.

Core Values

People want the product they use to be based on certain principles. The story behind the products, what they make them feel is very important. With this in mind, Apple reflected its directions from product packaging to marketing collateral.

Unforgettable Experiences

Anyone can produce a product, but the important thing is to make these products unique for users, to give them unforgettable experiences. People should be impatient to use your product. Apple, which cares about customer experiences, reflected this in its marketing strategies. So much so that they use the experiences of the people who use the product they promote as advertising.

A Specific Language to the Target Audience

Apple learns the language and habits of its target audience by examining them through social media. Using the knowledge they have learned to develop new experiences and to add an additional feature to their next product, Apple directly approaches its customers that they can understand by removing tedious and complex terms from their dictionaries. This creates a very successful effect on marketing strategy.



One of Apple’s most frequently used strategies is to create mysteries about its new products and make people wonder. While other brands tell their customers everything about their products, Apple is keeping the information and getting people to talk about the product. Apple does not announce its new products until the big launch. In this way, customers are impatient about the new product and want to buy that product whether they need it or not.

Emotional Touch

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Another strategy Apple uses is to appeal to people emotionally. They do not include negativities in their advertisements and product promotions and focus more on things that make people happy. For example, instead of showing negative examples by showing that the charging cable you bought from another brand is short-lived and the charging cable you buy from Apple will be long-lasting, the images they use have always been images that make people happy and promising fun.

keeping the image in the foreground

Keeping the Image in the Foreground

Apple uses very few words when marketing its products. This is because what sticks in people’s minds is actually not words but images. As you reproduce your words, you make people bored and therefore move away from the product, but putting a striking visual about the subject instead of words will make the product much more permanent in people’s minds and will have a much greater impact on people.

Conclusion on Apple’s Marketing Strategy

In this article, we explained 10 of Apple’s marketing strategies and gave you tips that can help you in your business that you will establish or manage. Now that you are dominant on this subject, you can put it into practice. Here’s how to develop a digital marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest reason for Apple’s success is not being fixed to a single idea and taking the changing market into account.

The iPhone is Apple’s most used product. After iPhone comes iPad and Mac computer.

The biggest Apple market is in China.

The age range of people using Apple products is 25-34.

The most important thing that makes Apple strong is its brand identities.


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