9 Useful Types of Video Content Viewers Love

9 Useful Types of Video Content Viewers Love

Video content marketing is certainly the brightest tool to reach users in today’s World. For this reason, the search for useful types of video content that viewers love emerges. Nowadays, people prefer to watch a video rather than read an article to get a recipe, review newly released products, or even follow the stock market! Because in this fast-developing and changing environment, watching videos is a quicker, easier, and more memorable way to achieve their goals. Therefore, considering the high rates of ROI for businesses, they find it more appropriate to invest in video content marketing.

Of course, you need to find the right content before you start making videos. In this blog, we will mention the types of content you can choose for the video you will make to improve your business.  Choosing the right content is the key to reaching the perfect target audience. The scope of video content is very wide.

Here are some useful types of video content that your potential viewers love:

Explainer and Tutorial Videos

The demand for tutorial videos is quite high. People usually prefer to watch such video content when they are trying to understand how to use a product or how they can benefit from a service. Also, they watch tutorials and to-dos when they want to see the process of something complicated for themselves. On the other hand, explainer videos help clarify topics that your customers are interested in. Through these types of videos, you can answer the questions in users’ minds as quickly as possible.

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product reviews type of video content

Product Reviews

One of the best ways to promote your product is to create a video about it! When companies release a new product, they can usually reach their customers directly with such videos. If your customer has used your product before and is following you (it means they are satisfied), it will increase the probability of clicking your new video about your new product. Thus you will increase the purchase rate.

You can contact influencers and collaborate to promote your product. They have large audiences and have the power to influence people. Therefore, companies increase their interaction and their sales by contracting with such influencers. In this way, you can reach millions and ensure brand visibility.

You can also try unboxing videos. People love to open new products. Do not forget to take a video while opening the package of the product you will introduce!

Q/A and Interviews

Interview type of video content used to attract the attention of the users. In such content, you may have answered the frequently asked questions that have already occurred in the minds of the customers. Interactive videos create a positive impact both for your brand and for the interviewee’s audience.

Entertainment Videos or Social Videos

Everybody loves to watch fun videos! In between these busy and stressful days, people need to take a breath and laugh a bit. But of course, there is a lot of competition. To reveal your difference, you need to go out of the average and be original. Being unique and doing your job well increase your interaction.

Be active on social media. Now life moves forward on social media channels. Follow the trends, and don’t forget to update yourself constantly. You can use video content upload platforms that already exist on social media. For example, shooting TikTok videos related to your topic or shooting reels on Instagram will help you reach your target audience and attract customers.

vlogs type of video content


Vlog types of video content are very successful in attracting people’s attention. There is no limit on vlog content. Your contents can be:

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  • personal
  • competition/challenge
  • sports
  • food
  • travel
  • daily routines etc.

People can make a vlog about anything, but they usually focus on something they’re experts at and post on YouTube. It is essential to make regular video entries to ensure sustainability in vlogs. It is a straightforward way for the audience to get an idea about you and what you want to convey. But since you will have many competitors, you need to use your creativity and make a difference. All you have to do is get in front of your camera to capture what you want to tell!

Behind the Scenes

No doubt, humans are curious beings. Behind-the-scenes type content always attracts people’s attention. You can increase your audience by shooting them. These videos may be about the stages of making a product, how you deliver a service to the people, or even how you shoot a video. In this way, you can gain the trust of your customers and increase sustainability.

animated types of video content viewers love

Animated Videos

Some companies also prefer to make animation videos. Thanks to its low-budget option, this type of video content aim to reach its target audience without pushing the company too hard. It also helps you to simply explain critical points to the user. That’s why most people recommend watching any type of subject with animation.

There is a wide variety of applications that you can use to create animations. This type of video content may also be included in other explanatory topics. But they are all based on a different creation process.

Various types of animated video content that you can choose from:

  • 2D Animated Videos
  • 3D Animated Videos
  • Moving Typography Videos
  • Whiteboard Animations

3D videos are more detailed than 2Ds. Sometimes 2D animations may not be enough to show a subject to the audience. In moving typography videos, the text appears on the screen along with the audio narration and strengthens the narration.) And the last one, the whiteboard animation type of video content makes the audience feel like you are presenting on a whiteboard!

After choosing which type of animation video is suitable for you, you can easily do it through a program that fits your business’ budget. Of course, the differences in these animation types will also change the prices. 2Ds are usually the cheapest, but the price goes up as the video gets more complicated.

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Live Talks

The popularity of live broadcasts is increasing day by day. In live talks made over online platforms, you can instantly communicate with your target audience. People open live broadcasts on their social media channels such as YouTube or Instagram, they reach the masses and convey their messages. In these interactive videos, you will create an opportunity for your customers to get an answer to their questions simultaneously.

testimonials type of video content


Testimonial types of video content are among the methods that increase brand visibility. You can be a reference of a brand that you have been involved in any project together, of course, are satisfied with. Or, you can get testimonial-type videos through your customers. It is enough for them to answer some questions about the service they receive in the video. When you make a video describing your cooperation, and you both can get productive feedback.  

FAQ About Types of Video Content

What Are the Types of Content?

There are various types of content to reach your target audience and make yourself heard.
These include content such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, or email etc. There are many more content tools, but it is necessary to choose the most suitable one and invest in it.

What are the most engaging types of video content that viewers love to watch?

There are many types of video content that viewers love to watch. The trends are also changing from day to day. But we can say that the most engaging ones are product reviews, interviews, tutorials, entertainment videos, and vlogs. We could easily multiply this list with other examples.

What type of content should I create?

Listen to your potential target audience. You can shape your content according to your customers’ requests to get efficient feedbacks.

What makes a good video content?

Creating original and meaningful content for your audience will make your video valuable. Videos that understand pain points and fulfill the customers’ goals will be successful.

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Which type of videos gets more views on YouTube?

Among the most-watched content on YouTube, product review videos are usually the first ones. People prefer to watch video narrations when they want to review a product.

Useful Types of Video Content Viewers Love Briefly

If you want your business to level up, investing in video content marketing will be very beneficial for you. We shared the most popular video content types that you should know if you are going to get into this business. You can choose the content that you find most useful among these and start shooting videos!

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