How to Watch YouTube Together Online

How to Watch YouTube Together Online

Watching online content on YouTube is pretty common for all of us today. Thanks to many different websites, distances no longer prevent us from watching together online with our friends. You can use different sites in order to sync videos, watch and chat with your friends at the same time in the room you created, or make video calls while watching. That can be a really good experience since it is different than just watching a video or a movie all by yourself. You can learn how to watch YouTube together online and the best sites you can use for that.

Watching YouTube Together Online with Friends

There are many different contents on YouTube for you to watch. Sometimes we don’t realize how time passes when we jump from one video to another. Watching with your friends is even more fun, but distances can get in the way. Of course, you can always share the link of the video you like with others to watch, but where is the fun in that when there is a much better option that allows you to feel like you are accompanied by your friends even when you are alone.

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Depending on the service you use to watch YouTube together online, you can even have video calls with your friends on the same page while watching. Every person in your room can hear and see each other, and it feels almost no different than a movie night with friends. All you have to do is to click on the link to meet and watch in the same room. You can also join others under the permission of the owner of the room and meet new people. That can be a new and easy way to socialize with others.

Best Sites for Watching YouTube Together Online with Friends

There are services that provide you an opportunity to watch the same thing at the same time with your friends. You can simply create a room for yourself with or without registering and share the link with your friends. There are some ideas for you below so that you can decide which site you prefer to use from a variety of options. The sites we’re going to introduce are:

  • Popcorn
  • Watch2Gether
  • Gaze
  • TwoSeven
  • SyncTube

Now let’s take a look at them more closely.



Once you download the extension for Google Chrome, you can start watching both YouTube together with your friends. Besides being able to watch content together, you can also see what other users you follow are watching.

By using the plus icon, you can create a party and invite people to your room. With the speech bubble, you can send direct messages to people. You can see what people you follow, watch, and ask to join them on the homepage.



Watch2Gether can be the ideal option for users who prefer to watch YouTube together with friends without registering with an account. After creating a room, all you have to do is to share the link with whomever you want. The site also allows you to watch and chat at the same time.



Gaze is another option that allows you to watch sync videos and also make video calls at the same time; thus, you can also see the person you’re watching content with. However, you should know that Gaze only allows you to invite one person at a time by sharing the link.

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Similar to Gaze, you can have video calls in your room while chatting, but unlike it, TwoSeven allows multiple people to join. It gives you an opportunity to feel like you really are with your friends by seeing and hearing each other.



SyncTube is a simple site that allows you to create a room with your friends and then search and watch the videos by adding them to the playlist. SyncTube has an option for you to keep your room private or public. With the public option, you can search and join other rooms under the permission of the moderator.

FAQs for How to Watch YouTube Together Online

Is it safe to watch YouTube together online?

It is up to you to be whether in a public or private room. Some of the sites allow the owner of the room to set user permissions so that you are able to decide who else can join and content in your playlist.

Is it free to watch YouTube together online with friends?

Yes, there are many different sites that provide you to watch YouTube together online for free such as Popcorn, TwoSeven, or Synctube.

Can I choose whom to watch together with?

Yes, you can. Once you decide which site to use, you can create a room and start your party. All you have to do is to share the link with your friends, which will direct them to your room.

Do I have to register before I create a room?

It depends on which site you prefer to use. There are sites that require you and your friends to create an account, such as TwoSeven, as well as sites that don’t require registration, such as Watch2Gether.

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Do ad blockers create an issue on video sync?

Ad blockers may be a problem when one person has it, and others do not. The reason for that is the person who has the ad blocker can skip the ad without watching it, while the ones who do not have the ad blocker have to watch the ad. That would create a sync issue, especially because of the ads that appear during the video.

Watching YouTube Together

Watching YouTube online with friends can be a wonderful idea. There are a variety of options that presents different features you can choose between. So that, it is possible to have your friends over anytime you want without actually meeting them. Using these services allows you to socialize further by being able to see what other people are watching at that moment on your homepage. Within the public option, you can join others and meet people with whom you share similar interests.

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