Website Statistics You Should Check

Website Statistics You Should Check

Building a website is a pretty common thought these days with or without website statistics. You may be someone who has this idea and has projects and dreams in this regard. If so, you will have to do meticulous work to bring your idea to life. At the end of this hard work, you may create a good website.

There may even be many people waiting for your website. You may also have prepared quite large online advertising campaigns to announce your website to these people. So what will happen after this stage? How would you know if your great website, the product of your hard work, is performing as you expect? You may measure the performance of your website by examining certain criteria. The statistics for these criteria will tell you a lot about your website. So, let’s take a look at the important criteria by which you can measure the performance of your website.

what are the best tools to analyze a website

What Are the Best Tools to Analyze a Website?

We have talked about the importance of examining the statistical data of your website. But, before we explain what these important data are, let’s explain something else. What tools to use to analyze this important data best? Let’s answer this question first.

Google Analytics

It is the most used tool among website analysis tools by website owners. The biggest reason for this is that Google offers this tool free of charge. Although it is free, it offers the opportunity to perform very advanced analysis with a wide variety of metrics.


This tool only provides real-time data service. The air traffic feature of this tool is the most remarkable feature. This feature allows users to review site visitors on a single full-screen map. This tool is not free.

Yandex Metrica

This tool is also one of the best website analysis tools. It has analysis metrics similar to the features of the GA tool. That’s why it’s the best alternative to GA. Besides, it stands out with its Webvisor feature, offering more detailed metrics.


It is one of the rare website statistical analysis tools that can be both functional and quite simple. This tool also stands out with its Real-Time Pulse feature. This tool is free for the first month only.

Fox Metrics

This tool has been developed for examining e-commerce sites. You can integrate this tool with GA.


It is an open-source tool. It uses PHP and MySQL as infrastructure. You may also host Piwik on your own server. It has some advantages due to its open-source code. The most important of these advantages is that you can customize this tool as you wish. It presents the statistics it collects in real-time, not delayed. The presence of many plugins and themes belonging to the tool is another plus.



This tool is also free up to a certain point. It offers a lot of detail in real-time data compared to competing tools. Corporate customers are the most common customers who preferred to use the paid version of this tool. This tool stands out with its temperature map and uptime monitoring features.

What Are the Important Criteria That Shows Your Website Performance?

As the name suggests, this section contains the activities that took place on your website in the last 30 minutes. This section includes all the activities of the users who visited your website in the last 30 minutes.

The data contained in this report includes the traffic source. The content that users view, their geographic location, and the targets they trigger are also statistical data this report includes. The statistical data provided by this report helps you to measure the impact of your current activities. It also helps you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns on your website live. So, this report provides quite useful statistical data for you to measure the live impact of your marketing campaigns.

Action Flow Report

This report includes all kinds of detailed information about the pages and contents of your website. In this report, you may highlight a specific segment you want to examine. Data on which web page users visit the most on your website are also in this report. This data also shows you how long visitors spend on which web page. If you are wondering about the performance and speed of your website, you can use the site speed tab. This section also contains advice that can help you improve your website’s performance.

Target Audience Data

Target audience statistics are one of the key metrics you need to examine to improve the performance of your website. This report includes some typological information about your website viewers. We may sort this data as follows:

  • This report contains the locations of visitors to your website.
  • It includes data such as the gender and age of your visitors.
  • Includes the devices on which visitors access your website.
  • Includes the browser through which visitors connect to your website.

This report contains quite useful data to measure the retention power of your website. You can use this data to increase the percentage of returning visitors to your website. Thus, you will be able to increase the user loyalty of your website.

conversion report

Conversions Report

These statistics are important for you to evaluate your previously defined goals and e-commerce data. This data allows you to make an effective measure to compare your goals and the current state of your website. Here are the types of actions for which you can set different goals to measure:

  • Download confirmation page
  • Sessions on the registration page
  • Purchase amount
  • Minimum session length
  • Product sales
  • Billing locations
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These metrics are essential for business websites. You can make an effective analysis by associating all these data to GA.

  • Acquisition Data

This report contains the most useful data that can help you manage the overall performance of your website. Through which main channels do your visitors come to your website? Which main channels get more visitors to your website? You can find all the answers to these questions in detail in this report. Thus, you may distinguish between two types of visitors.

First of these are those who come to your website through organic search. The second is those who come through the campaign you run on social media. So, you will be able to determine how successful your social media campaigns are more clearly. Examining the data of traffic from organic search sources helps you understand how effective your natural reference is. If the website traffic you earn from this source is not enough, you should build a more effective SEO strategy.

The Basic Relationship of Website Statistics and Digital Marketing

The internet is a vast universe. It is not easy for the websites to be known and found in this vast space. Not to mention how important this is. It is possible to achieve this by analyzing the statistics of your website successfully. You may also develop much more successful forward-looking marketing strategies based on these website stats. These statistics reports are also very critical for SEO. By analyzing this data successfully, you can create a much more effective SEO strategy.

You should consider such reporting and review processes while creating your website. Besides, you should continue to monitor these processes after you create your website. There is a quite basic reason for this. The internet is in a non-stop movement all over the world. All these movements have a sensitive structure that affects and depend on each other through many variables. In this context, site analytics allows you to keep your website up to date in this volatile environment.

Website Statistics in Short

The internet is an ever-evolving structure. There are millions of websites on it. In this structure, it is quite difficult for your website to be noticeable. That is just as important. The most effective way to ensure this is to examine your website stats. In this article, we have introduced you to important tools that can help you achieve this. We have also explained the metrics you should consider in your reviews. These metrics are important metrics such as website readership and returning visitors. We hope our article will help you analyze and improve your website. Need more detail? See how to check website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, log into your GA account.
Then, go to the behavior section.
Finally, navigate to the site content tab. Here, you may view the traffic sources for all your web pages.

Each website analysis tool has specialized features for different areas. Some of them may provide much more detailed data than others. You should identify the one that best suits your needs and use it.

Traffic monitoring and website promotion improve the possibilities of your website exposure to the online audience. Thus, you may ensure the success of your website.

These tools are specialized in 9 different areas. These main areas are as follows:
User experience
A/B and multivariate testing
Social media
General enterprise
Open-source web

It has two main categories. These are On-page and Off-page studies.


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