What Is Organic Marketing?

What Is Organic Marketing?

As the name implies, organic marketing is a form of marketing in which consumers share information about a product, service, or a company that offers that product or service, whether through conversation or other methods. Communication through the internet, especially through social media platforms, has become an important part of modern marketing, unlike traditional marketing.

Develop an Organic Marketing Method

There are three main things to consider before developing a method.

a. Buy Quality Products

To get positive feedback from your customers, you need to sell quality products or services. If you sell poor, low-quality, substandard products, no one will recommend you to their friends. If the number of negative comments about your business online exceeds the number of positive comments, alarm bells are ringing.

b. Perfect Your Website Design

According to a study conducted by the digital marketing platform, the visual design of a website is 93% crucial in determining the buying decision of customers. The same study also shows that a beautiful and functional design can increase the conversion rate by four times. You should perfect the design of your e-commerce website. You should design the ordering, product search, and filtering processes to work smoothly on mobile and computer devices.

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c. Streamline the Processes for Ordering, Freight, and Delivery

According to a study, 49% of consumers prefer to shop online when they feel confident about delivery and freight. If shipping takes a long time, 57% of consumers will not shop again on the same website. For this reason, freight, delivery, and order processes should be as fast as possible.

You can not provide a positive shopping experience if you ship the wrong product or send a shipment late to a customer. Therefore, you should always keep your inventory up to date and not display products that are out of stock. In addition, your quick response to customer questions and emails is a plus for your shop.

prepare organic marketing strategy

How Do You Prepare an Organic Marketing Strategy?

Time needed: 5 days.

Preparing a strategy is no ordinary business. You have to consider some key points before you prepare your strategy. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Create triggers.

    You have to give people a reason and something to know and love your brand. So, you need to do something that other companies in the industry are not doing. You can do this by giving your customers a memorable experience, though, and emotion that they will not find with any other brand. When people shop with you, they should feel like they are serving a purpose.

  2. Do something original.

    If you make or produce something original that has not been done before, people will talk about you. This could be, for example, adding a new feature to an old product and putting it up for sale.

  3. Appeal to the Emotions

    When you appeal to people’s emotions, your brand becomes a topic of conversation, thus increasing sales.

  4. Share the Content of the Users

    Sharing content like photos and videos created by users, followers, and customers is beneficial in two ways. You also get free content. And when users see your content being shared, they show more interest in you. When you share your followers’ content, they, in turn, share it on social media, and you have the opportunity to reach a whole new audience in no time.

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organic marketing vs paid marketing

Organic Marketing Vs. Paid Marketing

Both types of marketing have many things in common, and a successful organic marketing campaign promotes organic marketing. But the opposite is also true. If you have a successful organic strategy, you will make it better with your paid campaigns, and you will notice the impact. 

In organic marketing, a person who loves the product also tells his/her environment and recommends that product, so that person’s friends or followers can also benefit from this product. Paid marketing, on the other hand, is a marketing campaign that is driven by a specific strategy to develop organic marketing and reach new customers.

With the paid marketing method, the target audience is reached much faster and directly. With organic marketing, your business can grow faster with paid marketing instead of being discovered through social media or in ways like a blog post. However, it should not be forgotten that organic marketing is the very beginning of this system. First of all, a road map should be drawn by joining organic marketing and then other methods.

FAQ’s About Organic Marketing ​

What is the importance of organic marketing?

It is a trust-based marketing method. People trust their close environment and experiences. This means that people will increase their desire to buy them with the information they get about the brand from their close circles.

What should be considered in organic marketing?

The most important factors to be considered are mutual communication, honesty, and transparency. It should be remembered that organic marketing means sharing experiences and the right ideas.

How to do organic marketing?

Connecting with consumers is one of your most important steps. You should connect with millions of social media users who follow you and actively participate in social media.

How to create an organic marketing campaign?

Promote products to people who are popular in the city, region, or country and share their experiences. When this person shares his experience, the product appeals to more audiences, and you can respond to positive or negative feedback and produce solutions.

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What are the types of communication in organic marketing?

It is divided into positive and negative communication.

Brief Conclusion About Organic Marketing

A customer who comes to you through organic marketing is more likely to buy from you. In other words: If a person shops at a store or website they do not know for $100, the person who comes to the store through a friend’s recommendation and positive comments will store for $150. This is because that person has a sense of trust. In summary, organic marketing gives a brand more trust than any other strategy.

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