What Is PHP?

What Is PHP?

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a programming language server-side scripting that is open source. This programming language is widely used for website development.

As a scripting language, it executes programming instructions at runtime. The results of the instructions will certainly differ depending on the data being processed. This is what makes PHP often used to build dynamic websites such as online stores.

It is a server-side programming language, so the script from it will be processed on the server. Server types that are often used in conjunction with it include Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed.

Also, it is an open-source programming language. Users are free to modify and develop according to their needs. Apart from Wikipedia, there are also Facebook, WordPress, and many other significant websites developed with it.

platform accessibility

Platform Accessibility

Whether you want to do simple web design or programming large web applications, you need to know at least one server-side programming language. It is one of the most popular, which guarantees accessibility on every platform, ease of learning, and the fulfillment of the most demanding tasks.

With it, you can turn any static HTML page into an interactive web application, write an algorithm to process research results, or search databases for valuable information. The internet we know of today is unthinkable without such language since many popular services are based on it.

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The number of websites and applications made with it is growing every day, and in parallel with it, the number of quality developers who can maintain and upgrade such systems. Even in times of crisis, affiliate developers are in demand while companies do everything to keep them.

Programming Language Functions

Only with HTML and CSS codes can we create a website, but the website is still static, unable to perform complex interactions with users and add a database.

Also, dynamic website development can be quick because related programming codes can be inside HTML or they can be combined with another code.

So, from here, we can conclude that PHP’s primary function is to develop dynamic or interactive websites.

Basic Syntax

Every programming language has its own coding rules. The basic syntax opens with <?phpand close ?>as shown in the following example:

echo “TestPHPCode”;
sample code with html

Sample Code With HTML

To make it more straightforward, here are some examples of codes using this programming language, which includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

<! DOCTYPE html>
<title> example </title>
<style type = "text / css">
body {
color: black;
<? phpecho "button";
<button type = "button" onclick = "button ()"> Click here </button>
function button () {
document.getElementById ("example"). innerHTML = "Hello everyone ...";

PHP and MySQL Database

Of course, a dynamic or interactive website requires a database to store all data processed on the web. The most popular database and often juxtaposed with the PHP programming language is MySQL.

You could say the PHP and MySQL collaboration is the most popular programming language and database.

writing php codes

Writing Codes

We have two ways when writing PHP code to build a dynamic web application, namely using Native and Framework.


This is a method of writing PHP programming language codes that start from scratch or are spelled from scratch.

Here a programmer creates his framework for developing dynamic websites. Usually, beginners who are just learning it are better off learning the Native.

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To simplify the development of web applications with it, we can use the framework. There are several advantages that we can get when we decide to create a website using a framework, including:

  • Developing web applications can be faster.
  • Web applications built with a framework are, in fact, more stable.
  • Helping beginners to create applications
  • No need to repeat coding

Several frameworks are quite popular and are widely used by developers, namely:

  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Zend Framework
  • CakePHP
  • Seagull


Which server types are used with PHP?

Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed are server types that are often used in conjunction with PHP.

Can I write an algorithm for processing research results with PHP? 

Yes, you can write an algorithm to process research results. In addition to that, you can turn any static HTML page into an interactive web application or search databases for valuable information.

Can I combine PHP programming codes with another code?

Yes, after PHP, dynamic website development can be done quickly because PHP programming codes can be inserted in HTML code or combined with another code.

Is there a programming language that is combined with PHP?

MySQL is the most popular database and is often juxtaposed with the PHP programming language.

Is there a PHP programming language method that starts codes for scratch?

Yes, the PHP Native method of writing PHP programming language codes include those that start from scratch or are spelled from scratch.

So, What Is PHP?

PHP is the most straightforward server-side programming language to learn. Therefore, most webmasters in the world use it to create a website. However, because of this convenience, it is the cheapest programming language compared to other languages. Speaking of other languages, do you know how to add Javascript to HTML?

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